Aquatic Rehabilitation

A unique aquatherapy centre in Garraf and Penedés.


The ALBA Aquatic Rehabilitation Centre in Sant Pere de Ribes is the only centre in the Garraf region which offers rehabilitation, physiotherapy and aquatherapy treatments for people of all ages.


At our facilities, children, adults and the elderly will find services tailored to fit their needs, which have been developed to treat injuries or disabilities. Whether you are an individual, you come in a group or through a medical insurance company, we will look for the solution to improve your quality of life.


The professionals in our team will treat your acute or chronic injuries and permanent or transient disabilities. They will work with you to recover the maximum possible physical mobility and consequently the quality of life you desire.

We will help you with the conditions and problems that affect the following systems:

  • musculoskeletal
  • neurological
  • cardiac
  • vascular
  • respiratory
  • endocrine

If your problem is:

  • back or joint pain
  • or some congenital disorder,
  • postoperative,
  • sports-related,
  • work-related
  • or related to old age,

our centre is for you.


In addition, we will perform all kinds of:

  • diagnostics
  • evaluation
  • prevention
  • and treatments

to return you the highest degree of physical capacity and independence possible.

Aquatic rehabilitation for all ages.

Aquatic rehabilitation is increasingly becoming the most popular solution among people who have lost their mobility to a greater or lesser degree. It is recommended for all ages, as long as there is no additional dermatological problem (allergies to pool chemicals, open wounds, etc.).


Thanks to buoyancy, your weight and the load on your joints decrease in water. As a result, you can make movements that are normally difficult or impossible in your day to day life.


Hydrotherapy is particularly recommended for patients who have recently undergone surgery (e.g. prosthetic surgery) and need to adjust the body to new conditions. It is also indicated for those who suffer injuries (e.g. acquired brain damage) that prevent them from making certain movements.


It also helps in the treatments of:

  • ALS (Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis)
  • Fibromyalgia
  • Arthritis
  • Multiple sclerosis, among others…




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